These are the dolls I wish I had.  They are in no particular order.

Doll in Mind's Danbi
Price: $515.00
Size: 60 cm
Status: Long-time love

There's just something about Danbi's face which I really like... the slant of the eyes, the shape of the nose...    However, the fact that he looks rather bored and almost pouty has kept him from being a "must have" doll. I have to keep reminding myself of this whenever he's in stock, though.

He has recently made the status of "must have" due me to realizing that all he needs is a cutie to dote on, and my issues with his pout will be nonexistent.  =3  And his pout is just barely beating out Luts' Shine adorable pout at the moment.


Dolkot's Hara
Price: $550.00
Size: 62 cm
Status: Long-time love

I honestly have no idea why Hara interests me.  No, really, I don't.  Usually I go for the sly, smirky, mischevious boys who seem like they have devil horns peeking out of their head.  I like thinner noses, lips that are a nice middle ground (not too full, not too thin, not too small, not too large, etc.), and sharper, angled faces. 

In contrast, Hara has a wider nose, lusciously full lips, a serious look, and an undeniably girly face.  Despite that, when I first saw his picture, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I did nothing but look at his picture for a good two weeks before I finally calmed down.

He dropped off my wishlist entirely for awhile, when I realized how odd he was in comparison to my other likes.  But slowly, he's been creeping back on it...  There' s just... something about him...  *stares*


Oceanmoon's Shou Ryu new!
Price: $240.00 (head only)
Size: 60 cm
Status: New addition

Shou Ryu has, like many of my long-time loves, just kind of crept onto this list. At first, I just thought, "He's pretty." Then someone compared him to Riku from Kingdom Hearts 2, and I did a double-take. Then I saw more pretty pictures from owners as the head became more widely available.

I'm not sure whether I'll never get him or not, as I do not see a specific character in him. But all the same, there's enough personality hiding in his face for me to think about taking a risk on him!

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