Instructions: The object of the game is to match up the images on the cards as quickly as possible. Only two cards can be turned up at a time. Match all the cards, and you win!

Slayers (anime) Style- 1024 x 768+
Slayers (anime) Style- 800 x 600

Naruto (anime) Style- 1024 x 768+
Naruto (anime) Style- 800 x 600

Ranma (anime) Style- 1024 x 768+
Ranma (anime Style- 800 x 600

Instructions: To play, just hit the 'New Game' button, then drag your mouse over the grid to select a word. Once found, words will remain circled. If you get stuck, hit 'Solve Game'.  PLEASE NOTE, there is more than one list of different words per game; clicking the 'New Game' button again will bring up the next list!

5 lists of words to find

Instructions: The object of the game is to put all the puzzle pieces together to form the original picture.  Just click on a piece to move it into the correct position.  Click "break-up" to break up the puzzle again (or if you haven't started, re-arrange the pieces again).  Click "Tidy Pieces" to move all the pieces not on the puzzle area itself more towards the edges of the playeable area.  ...Just try it, it's self-explanatory.

Prizes: If you solve it, another screen will pop-up and you will have the chance to save the picture used in the puzzle that you just solved!

Group picture 600 x 400
Gaara 1 400 x 300
Gaara 2 575 x 431
Sasuke 400 x 300
Neji 400 x 300

Ichigo 400 x 300

Lina 400 x 300
Lina & Zelgadis 400 x 300
Xellos 400 x 300

Ranma & Ranma 1 400 x 300
Ranma & Ranma 2 400 x 300
Ranma & Ryoga  400 x 300

Instructions: If you've ever played pong, then you know roughly how this game works.  The object of the game is to make the ball bounce around and remove the character's clothing, until the character is completely naked... or as naked as the artist who drew the character will allow. ^_^;  But, the ball can never touch the bottom of the screen. If it does, you lose a life. To protect the bottom of the screen is a small bar that you control. Make sure the ball bounces off that bar to keep your life. The game is over either when you lose all your lives or the character's clothing has been removed. Have fun!

Prizes: The prizes are all based on the picture that I use in that particular baku block game.  So if you don't like the picture used in the game, you won't like the prizes.

GAME 1- version 1
GAME 1- version 2
Fandom: Naruto
Artist: Ashvolt
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Male x male pairing
PRIZES: 2 pics, 2 wallpapers


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